Regional Cooperative Tourism Program 2017–2019 Biennium in Review

RCTP 2017–2019 Biennium in Review

The following is a synopsis that highlights catalytic and impactful programming and investments associated with the 2017-2019 biennium of the Regional Cooperative Tourism Program.

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What is RCTP?

Travel Oregon’s Regional Cooperative Tourism Program (RCTP) dedicates 20% of the State’s Transient Lodging Tax (TLT) into regional tourism programming and activities across the state. There are seven Regional Destination Management Organizations (RDMOs) that leverage state dollars generated by the TLT along with private and public resources to work with Travel Oregon to bolster the state’s tourism economy. The RDMOs submit regional plans that include proposals for the use of state dollars for the Regional Cooperative Tourism Program (RCTP) which are approved by Travel Oregon based on specific metrics and accountability standards that govern the program.

Regional Strategic Tourism Management Plans for each of the RDMOs were developed in alignment with Travel Oregon’s strategic planning process, RCTP Guidelines and extensive input from regional stakeholders.

Central Oregon

A high-desert playground for everything under the sun—skiing, hiking, climbing, cycling, fishing, rafting, golf—and in the shade too. Read Central Oregon's 17–19 plans here.

Eastern Oregon

Vast landscapes where history and adventure collide—along canyons, twisting rivers, alpine wilderness and lonesome ghost towns. Read Eastern Oregon's 17–19 plans here.

Mt. Hood & the
Columbia River Gorge

An outdoor wonderland home to a tremendous river gorge, scenic vistas, gushing waterfalls and the state's highest peak. Read Mt. Hood & the Gorge's 17–19 plans here.

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Oregon Coast

363 miles of stunning public coastline—the stuff dreams are made of—dotted with lighthouses, fishing villages and dramatic scenery. Read the Oregon Coast's 17–19 plans here.

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Portland Region

A bustling urban core famous for its maker culture and ringed by diverse communities, forests, farms, rivers and rolling hills. Read the Portland Region's 17–19 plans here.

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Southern Oregon

An ethos of arts and culture thriving in a land known for its wild rivers, deep caves and the awe-inspiring Crater Lake. Read Southern Oregon's 17–19 plans here.

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Willamette Valley

Woodsy cityscapes cradled by vineyards, forests and farms, inspiring crafters, adventurers and everyone in between. Read the Willamette Valley's 17–19 plans here.

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What's Next?

To learn more about the regions, what's happening now, what's planned for the 19–21 biennium and more—explore the Travel Oregon industry site at the link below.

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Contact Us

Want to get in touch? Contact the Regional Cooperative Tourism Program or one the RDMOs via email.

Harry Dalgaard Director, Regional Cooperative Tourism Program

Kate Sappell Project Manager, Regional Cooperative Tourism Program

Central Oregon

Kristine McConnell

Joey Hamilton

Julia Theisen

Eastern Oregon

Alana Carollo

Mt. Hood & The Columbia River Gorge

Elizabeth Keenan

Oregon Coast

Arica Sears

Marcus Hinz

Portland Region

Amanda Lowthian

Megan Conway

Southern Oregon

Bob Hackett

Brad Niva

Willamette Valley

Becca Barnhart

Dawnielle Tehama

Tori Middelstadt

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