Oregon Coast :

Brand Revitalization

Brand revitalization for “The People’s Coast,” with a focus on creating assets for sub-regional partners to utilize in promoting their subregion.

The new Oregon Coast Visitor's Association logo.


New logo, brand guide, sub-regional logos, new suite of advertising materials, newsletter redesign, and visitor guide redesign, helped to professionalize the organization and brought together a variety of stakeholders to make collective assessments and decisions regarding the future of “The People’s Coast” brand messaging.

A mosaic of pages from the new Oregon Coast Visitor's Association brand guidelines document.



The process involved two representatives from each sub-region of the coast and the team from Lookout, which took a substantial toll on the schedules of many collaborators, several of the partners had to drive for more than 10 hours (round trip) for strategy sessions. Process was time consuming which was a challenge for many local stakeholders as they were eager to see results.


Brand materials have been received (and in some cases utilized immediately) with open arms by partners and collaborators. Sub-regional participation in this process allowed the South Coast to use assets immediately and successfully to promote the sub-region at trade shows and in printed materials. Updated materials are now being used in industry, trade and consumer facing efforts. Successes are ongoing.

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