Mt. Hood & the Gorge :

Oregon Trail Coalition

We worked with the Oregon Trail Coalition to determine how to use our $10,000 investment to support projects or programs associated with the 175th Commemoration of the Oregon Trail and other trail related activities.

259 Stories + Social Posts
9.58M Potential Impressions
31.4k Engagements


The resulting work that was either directly or partially funded by the region included: Oregon Trail podcast episode as part of the Hear in the Gorge podcast series (a Columbia Gorge Tourism Alliance project), hosting a meal for Travel Alliance Partners event in Portland, producing and disseminating the Oregon Trail Activity Book, and a massive multi-state Oregon Trail social media influencer tour led by Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory.

Podcast results: 1,300 plays of the episode and approx. 1,500 plays of the two bonus shorts on Soundcloud. NOTE: we are unable to track listens on iTunes and other podcast streaming services.

Oregon Trail Activity Book: 75,000 printed, distributed throughout the region, the state, and available by mail nationally and internationally.

Moving Forward

The Oregon Trail Coalition is committed to continuing the promotion of heritage assets and stories in the state. We saw significant value in pooling our funds together for maximum impact.

Leading a multi-regional/state movement requires leadership to continue to move things forward. For this tactic we had the benefit of having the Eastern Oregon Visitor's Association and Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory helping to lead efforts that we could invest in at a lower staff time requirement.

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