Southern Oregon:

Customer Service Training

TSO invested $1500 into a “Train the Trainer” program that identified industry leaders from communities across our region through a full day workshop co-sponsored by ORLA and Travel Oregon. ORLA’s Guest Service Gold program, specifically designed for Oregon, was the structure for this training program--and trainers were in turn certified to train that Guest Service Gold curriculum in local communities.


Create a regional customer service training program, in every community across our region, that elevated the visitor experience across the entire region.

A room of people attending a Customer Service Training seminar in Medford


In collaboration with Travel Oregon and ORLA we hosted a full-day workshop for industry leaders who wanted to become customer service trainers in their communities.


TSO now has nine Guest Service Gold trainers in Southern Oregon—we can meet any regional demand with a local trainer who has been certified through ORLA’s training program.

Moving Forward

Identifying community industry leaders who can successfully learn the material and share it with their industry colleagues is key to successful stakeholder investment in customer service training.

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