Eastern Oregon :

Agritourism Experience Development

In collaboration with Travel Oregon, the development of agritourism experiences have connected stakeholders throughout Eastern Oregon’s tourism industry with product development opportunities. Through these opportunities, farms, ranches, and businesses alike have been connected, creating a rich cultural, heritage, and agricultural experience as unique as each of the sub-regions.

Wallowa Barn Tour Brochure


A branded series of agritourism product was developed for each of the sub-regions in Eastern Oregon to build awareness and inspiration for each sub-region’s unique agritourism offerings. The circulation of the brochure series has built more awareness for Eastern Oregon as a top agritourism destination and has inspired new product opportunities.

Circulated at Area Chambers, participating businesses, Whisky/Rocks & River/Hills at Welcome Center in Boardman through Certified Display.

Continuing the development of agritourism experiences throughout eastern Oregon was identified as a high priority from stakeholder feedback, with regional collaboration and cooperative marketing opportunities.

River to Mills Farm Trail Brochure


Participating businesses reported visitors engaging with Eastern Oregon’s local cultural, heritage, and agricultural experiences, representing unique opportunities as each of the sub-regions.

The success of the agritourism experiences have been through fostering education and training opportunities and marketing efforts, and have exceeded expectations. The momentum and excitement around the different agritourism experiences has generated new stakeholder and business owner engagement.


Participating businesses have seen an increase in visitors, as well as an increase in business participants and suppliers.

Moving Forward

The success of the agritourism experiences throughout the sub-regions has generated new product ideas from within the established food and farm trail participants. Through continued education and awareness of product development opportunities and connecting stakeholders with partners throughout the tourism industry will continue to foster and support this growth.

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