Eastern Oregon :

Paid Media Placements

Through paid media placement opportunities, utilizing print, digital and social media-relevant content to target key audiences niche-focused media, building brand awareness and promoting visitor experiences that distinguishes Eastern Oregon as a unique and premier travel destination.


As a region, we are always striving for more regional collaboration and cooperative marketing opportunities to promote the diversity of each sub-region. Through a variety of paid media opportunities, we have increased regional awareness of potential visitor experiences that are unique and distinguish Eastern Oregon as a premier travel destination.


Utilizing a variety of Travel Oregon’s Menu of Investment opportunities to leverage greater reach and impressions through Winter and Summer campaigns, Your Story Everywhere, and web ads to generate more synergy between the Travel Oregon and EOVA brands. Ran a complementary campaign with digital ads and TV in the Tri-Cities and Boise markets, which generated above average results.


Paid media placement has driven an increase in consumer requests of the Eastern Oregon Visitors Guide, which allows for deeper engagement and inspiration to visit the supporting businesses, attractions, and events of the region.

Moving Forward

Continue to create tools and niche-product development that aid in consumer engagement to increase the overall economic impact to our 11-county region through travel and tourism.

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