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Partnering with Travel Oregon to create package experiences that are shared and promoted to international visitors has consistently been a success for our region.As a region, Eastern Oregon has had very little international presence, but with the Travel Oregon partnership, working closely with the Global Sales team and partners in Eastern Oregon, we have been able to expand our participation opportunities in events like the Globetrotter FAM Tour and Road Rally.

The success of Oregon’s marketing efforts in the international marketplace is significant and eastern Oregon has witnessed a positive increase of international visitors to the region through packaging attractions, businesses, and events that inspire and engage in global sales opportunities.


The goal in hosting FAM Tours was to create and package experiences that are shared and promoted to international visitors. Working with Travel Oregon’s Global Sales team has allowed our region to leverage its resources to have an increased international presence. The investment goal supports stakeholder feedback in continuing to develop product, regional collaboration, and cooperative marketing opportunities.

Pages, spreads, and covers of Japanese magazines in which Eastern Oregon's tourism postential is espoused.


Participation in FAM Tours for International Media has been extremely positive; a number of local partners participated as sponsors to support this tactic investment and have committed to be a partner in future FAM Tours.

Participation in the Globetrotter FAM led to an increased Eastern Oregon presence in the Globetrotter Guidebook; to have an Eastern Oregon presence in this publication will be extremely valuable to our region; particularly a strong market for Oregon statewide, the Japanese market is a relatively young and emerging market for Eastern Oregon.

Although the investment outcome of Road Rally is still too early to tell, initial feedback has been extremely positive, and participation in Road Rally has consistently been a success in our region.


Regionally, participating in FAM Tours has increased the development of the tools and content to inspire packaged travel opportunities in Eastern Oregon. It has also allowed for training and educational opportunities at the local level; working with a number of our small tour operators on the impact and role that international tourism plays in our economy and culture. Investment results, as a whole, are still relatively new and unknown, but there has been an increase of engagement and awareness with connecting with stakeholders.

Moving Forward

The success of participating in FAM Tours will lead to continued partnerships with Travel Oregon to host future international fam tours, as capacity allows. Participating in FAM tours has been presented some challenges in exceeding the organization’s budget, but we will continue to work with local partners to help offset the associated costs. Future strategies and partnerships will help secure budget, and will also provide continued education and advocacy opportunities with local partners on the impact and role that international tourism plays in our economy and culture.

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